AF ARTEFACT ~ Men's and Women's Wear (Osaka)

デザイナー:高塚 佳樹
2009年よりアパレルメーカーに基づきメンズブランドA.F HOMMEを設立。
2016年、ブランド名をA.F ARTEFACTに改め、ユニセックスラインし、2016年秋冬コレクションからパリでの展示会を開催。

Designer:Yoshiki Takatuska 
After graduating from Osaka Bunka Fashion College he began working for an apparel manufacturer where he experienced design, patterns and fabrication. In 2009 he established his own brand A.F HOMME that's based within the apparel manufacturing market. From A/W2016 the brand was renamed to A.F ARTEFACT where made a new start and will debut at Paris fashion week.


Brand Concept: 
Finely designed contemporary garments of a subjective reality. 
Fabric selection focuses on relaxed and comfortable fits. 
The forms compliment the wearer, bringing out their individuality and strive to create a harmony of long and slim.

Further inquiries for press please contact:

Brand Website / ウエブサイト

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H Y D R A Line + Exhibition at BABYLON SHOWROOM

Babylon Showroom presents H Y D R A - Sartorial Latex, showing for three days from May 5-7 2017, with launch event on Friday May 5th . This special guest-showroom exhibition will show H Y D R A’ s latest line and a video installation.
For one weekend only.
中目黒のBabylon Showroom officeにて、2017年5月5日―7日の3日間限定の展示会を開催致します。
展示会では過去のコレクションアーカイブから今シーズンの最新アイテムと共に H Y D R A によるビデオインスタレーションも行います。

About H Y D R A :
The H Y D R A project was launched in November 2015 at TANK magazine - London, and continues to connect, reconnect, collaborate, morph, in order to extend itself through different spatial and contextual opportunities.
H Y D R A は2015年11月27日にTANKmagazine-Londonとのコラボレーションをきかっけに設立したファッションブランドです。

H Y D R A designs sit in a space between biotechnology and fashion; pieces that can redefine and reorganise bodies, both individually and in engagement with each other. HYDRA challenges how clothing, designs, objects are selected and engaged with, and the underlying ideologies and social practices that are reinforced in doing so.
H Y D R A is invested maintaining responsibility for how its intent is carried out through its products. Engaging in a more social-cultural practice, that anchors its affect and influence through/within actual use, and how it releases, restricts, or guides the movements of the user.

H Y D R A ’s pieces are ‘birthed’ from the H Y D R A lab, and exploring ways in which the human/body/image can be more quickly and efficiently redesigned, by plugging it into auxiliaries: clothing, objects, technologies. Forming new skins that can hold bodies together,against human chaos and social fragmentation’. While perhaps also questioning: where are the boundaries between bodies or between actions. Moving past concern with what is acceptable in fashion, to explore what is possible in reality.

H Y D R A’ s
mutations and collaborations with other organisations, spaces, bodies etc. allow it to extend its reach and impact even further. Human test subjects are incorporated into the production process through the H Y D R A beta testing program,  beyond the basic production-purchase-wear process of fashion brands.
The use of the product by the test subjects incorporated into the research and development.
The products develop through direct contact with the bodies and practices onto which they will be transplanted.

Previous collaborations include HIGHER, FUTURE ARTEFACTS, SHOW STUDIO, MABEL x TATE Modern.


T.A.S - Accessory + Object Design (Tokyo)

ブランド名のT.A.Sの由来はコンピュータのコマンド、TEST AND SETに由来する。


The origin of the brand name T.A.S comes from the computer coding command, TEST AND SET, in which a process is coded to produce an outcome without fail.
T.A.S. aims to create contemporary products by combining European design with traditional Japanese techniques. Combining minimalist design with Japanese traditional technology and modern technology, to pursue the creation of serene and minimalist objects.
Rather than seeing the frame of fashion as containing only clothes, bags and hats, T.A.S. proposes to consider all lifestyle elements including room fragrances, umbrellas, ashtrays, etc. Therefore, although they will announce products according to collection time, they do not as such produce clothing. To express the brand’s conceptual vision, every season T.A.S. proposes a total space, including music, photographs and works.


byH. - Mens and Womens wear (NY, USA)

by H. New York (バイ エイチ ニューヨーク)はINAISCE(インアスカ)で経験を積んだ Henry Lee が2013年に設立。 By H.はトレンドに左右されない上品でアヴァンギャルドなデザインに集点を置いてモノ作りを行っています。 今季のby H.のコレクションでは様々なパターンテクニックを使用し、試したコレクションになっており、新しい技術や発見が取り入れられています。 その中でも高度な設計を使用した”H”シームが新しく採用され、これからの象徴的なパターンワークとなります。 さらに今季のコレクションでは新しいファブリックの開発にも集点を置いています。 特殊な繊維を開発する繊維会社と組み、新しい繊維の開発に取り組みました その中でもリサイクルされた牡蠣の殻から製作された新しい特殊な生地も開発しました。 他にもラミー,ブラッシュコットン,ウォシュッドコットン,ビスコースをブレンドされた生地など様々な生地も使用したコレクションとなっております。

Presenting in the 2017 Intersect vol.8 is by. H, designed and made between Taipei and New York. The label’s clothing aesthetic arises out of their use of original approach to sewing and pattern design, which channels their unique perspectives on fashion, clothing and world. They experiment with asymmetry, form, material and texture, while also adhering to a minimalist design philosophy. The FW 2017 line features some new collaborations with James Kearns and Normal Carrey, extending the reach of by H. designs into new new spaces and contexts within fashion design. 



KETA GUTMANE ~ Women's Wear, (Riga, Latvia)

Babylon Intersect Vol.8 presents KETA GUTMANE, showing womenswear from their AW17 line.
Previous lines from KETA GUTMANE have explored notions surrounding identity, history, society, individuality, to find new expressions of their relation to clothing and its wearers.

Founded by Keta Gutmane in 2013, the brand is recognised for its design philosophy, sharing its personal vision of today's Eastern European subcultural backgrounds. Its casually democratic silhouette blends traditional artistry with contemporary tailoring. Balance between surface and textural contrasts is further supported by the incorporation of agile, durable and functional fabrics, such as lush wool and wrinkled tech materials are arranged in a playful manner. The brand is currently sold in 13 stores in 10 countries worldwide.

More information and photos for KETA GUTMANE's previous work can be found on the official KETA GUTMANE website.

KETA GUTMANEはデザイナーKeta Gutmaneにより 2013年に設立されたラトビア発のコンテンポラリーウィメンズウェアです。




Black Triangle Design ~ Accessories (Tokyo)

Babylon Intersect Vol.8 will show Black Triangle Design's newest accessories from their  AW17 line. 

Director / Designer :   Maiko Asami 

2005年卒業制作「Bust Corset For Androgyne」が学科賞受賞。 
卒業後、同年に第14回東京国際レズビアン&ゲイ映画祭にて、アートディレクター・パンフ レットチーフエディター・併設展覧会のキュレーターを兼任。 
翌年 カイザー雪と日本初のレズビアン&クィアカルチャーウェブマガジンTokyo Wrestlingを設立。 
現在は、Neo Dark Age Queer Dance Party SODOMのオーガナイザーも務めている。

Tokyo based designer Maiko Asami launched her handmade unisex leather accessory label "BLACK TRIANGLE DESIGN" in March 2011. She started her career as a designer when she was teenager. At the time she was into Punk music, and started making T-shirts and some handmade jewelry. Eventually she studied cultural engineering and Art direction at Musashino Art university.
She is also known as an editor of "Queer webzine Tokyo Wrestling.com."
She derives her ideas from her background in the underground queer culture and music scene.
The triangle represents a Nazi concentration camp badge worn by inmates deemed "asocial", and is the symbol of lesbian or feminist pride and solidarity. She is making fashion which has attitude mixed with street fashion and high-fashion elements.
The collections are available online to abroad at  H>FRACTAL



Portaillle - Mens and Womens footwear (Kobe)

Brand:Portaille [ポルタユ]
Designer:大渕 亮輔 [オオフチ リョウスケ]   


Portaille … Portail(門)+Taille(彫刻)         



Designer:Ryousuke Ofuchi
Profile: Graduated from shoesdesign course at Bunka Fashion School,
Worked in Japanese shoe company, manufacturing and production of comfort shoes.
Concept:「like wrapping your feet with rich leather」
We try to keep the leather texture as it is, and we try to make it without seams as much as we can.
Portaille, from the French words Portail, meaning gate, and Taille, meaning sculpture.

Our shoes are all handmade by ourselves in the Atelier in Kobe, Japan.
This season we recommend the hard waxed leather shoes. We use castrate cow leather with wax from Italy. The color becomes deeper because of the wax and it give the function of shape memory. It gets only one color, and shapes as you wear it.

ウエブサイト / website: http://www.portaille.com/